Greetings from Category 6 LED: The eye behind this creative storm originated with several artists, brand builders and friends from Solana Beach, CA. 

It’s initial vision was based upon the Iconic San Diego street signs we live with and around daily.  Thru the use of LED we’ve developed mini-replicas as a true art piece for Homes, Offices, Events, Gifts, Gardens, Patios, Poolside, Bars, Restaurants etc…  The power of LED generates a vibrant and warm experience in any setting, plus its long lasting and energy efficient.  Combine the LED elements with appreciation and love for these iconic signs by locals and visitors, Welcome to Category 6 LED.


Please inquire about any custom LED work you need for your business, home,
or special event.  Large quantities or one offs available.  Lead time: Air
2-3 weeks,  Ocean 60-70 days.  Prices may vary based on Size, Shape and LED
capabilities desired, nothing is off limits.